Sale conditions

Sale conditions

Product features - Changes

  • - JT EATON manufacturers, BleuLine and BestPest reserves the right to make changes to the products. These changes necessary and desirable must not alter the essential characteristics of products;
  • - The images provided in this catalog are for presentation;

Orders, prices and payment conditions

  • - It only accepts orders over 100,00 Euro + TVA.
  • - The prices in our price lists are not fixed and can be updated to the production costs of manufacturers JT EATON, BleuLine and BestPest day shipping.
    VAT not included.
  • - In case of delay in payment towards the date fixed, the buyer will have to pay Chemical Industrial Cleaning Service's interest for late payment and expenses as stipulated by legislation, but also to compensate the Industrial Chemical Cleaning Service, for any damage.

Shipments - Complaints

  • - Whatever shipping deadlines set by the parties, the risk passes to the buyer when the goods out of the warehouse Industrial Chemical Cleaning Service;
  • - If orders do not exceed Euro 1,000.00 + VAT, transport costs will be passed in the bill or will be borne by the consignee; transport costs will be borne by us in situations where freight will be paid the same day !
  • - Any complaints about the condition of the packaging, quantity, number or external characteristics of the products (obvious defects) will be disclosed to Service Industrial Chemical Cleaning by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within a maximum of seven days from the reception of products. Any complaints about defects that can not be observed when control receipt of the goods (hidden defects) will be disclosed to Service Industrial Chemical Cleaning by a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within a maximum of seven days from discovery date, and should not exceed twelve months from delivery. It is obvious that any complaint or contestation does not give the buyer the right to suspend or delay payments products that are object of contestation, nor of other deliveries. We do not accept returns of merchandise without prior written authorization from Industrial Chemical Cleaning Service; otherwise the goods will be re-dispatched to the sender and the cost of such shipments will be borne by the latter.

Terms of delivery

  • - The terms of delivery indicated on the order confirmation is not binding. Delays will not give any right to compensation or damages for any direct and / or indirect are not caused by fraud or serious misconduct company Industrial Chemical Cleaning Service.
    Use of the Ministry of Health recorded is subject to laws in force.

How to order?

You can buy any product currently on our website in a few simple steps:

  • 1. search for products that interests you and click on the "add to cart".
  • 2. When you have selected all the products you are interested, go to the "situation Cart" and click on "details". Here you can change the number of pieces for a particular product or delete the selected products.
  • 3. after you finish shopping and you have the final list, click on "Checkout". Fill in the form on the page and then check that orders placed, via your email and following the instructions in the email sent automatically

At this time your order has been taken over by our software, you will be contacted by one of our agents for confirmation and to establish financial and logistical details.

Sale conditions